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Bonnie's first Spa Day!

December 31, 2020. A great way to ring the new year in. A new pink coat and a haircut. But as the old saying goes, "all dressed up with nowhere to go". But she did have a busy day. Her groomer asked for her to come an hour early to meet an eight week old puppy who needed some direction on how to play with other dogs. (Her groomer is also a trainer.) Bonnie is such a social butterfly she plays with many dogs in my building. She is an expert. She set this golden retriever straight but not without showing Buddy who is the boss. A long walk downtown Oakville to show off her new splashy look was another of today's highlights. I am just happy that I can see her eyes now. Indian food for me tonight and well....the usual for her. Happy New Year everyone and stay safe.

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