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Golfers have been waiting for this spring and golf for an extended length of time if you live in Ontario. But wherever you live be prepared for this sport and so many more by doing some yoga. Try adding it a couple times a week to your schedule and you may see some dramatic changes in your game. What sport couldn't use a little stretching between games. The physical benefits are not all you will get from yoga as you certainly may find your focus substantially improved. Check out my website for my schedule and try 2 free classes to see the difference in how you feel.

As you practice your poses, you'll soon find that tight muscles will begin to loosen up, which will greatly improve your golf swing. Better flexibility allows for a better full range of motion, and therefore, a more powerful swing. Hip mobility plays a key role in creating more speed when you swing the club, and a few great yoga poses can help you internally and externally rotate the hip joint to get that speed. ... The farther the club has to travel to get back to the ball, the more time there is to gather speed.

The 6 Best Yoga Poses for Golfers Before a Game Standing Shoulder Stretch. Forward fold stretch arms overhead. Side Stretch. (with golf club) Twisted Low Lunge. Standing Thigh Stretch. Chair Twist. Standing Hip opener(thread the needle)

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